Scheduled to Be Released Late 2020

-Biography in french-

Ghoula is a jack of all trades: producer, musician, dj, performer and composer of film music. Pianist Wael Jegham alias Ghoula joined the Conservatory of Music in Sousse (Tunisia) at the age of 6
Later, he developed a real craze for other acoustic instruments such as; Guitar, Bass, Guembri as well as percussion instruments.

Film music composition :

Since 2008, Wael Jegham has been collaborating with theater groups, audiovisual (advertising) and cinematographic production agencies in Tunisia and abroad.

He masters both acoustic and electronic recording, beatmaking, sound design, which earned him, among other things, to compose the music for the Franco-Tunisian film “Look at me” by Nejib Belkadhi released in 2018 and which was selected at the “Toronto International Film Festival”.

The same year, he notably worked with director Nadia Rais on the music composition for the animated film “Briska”, which received the first prize for animated films at FESPACO 2019 (Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou).

3rd RFI Instrumental Prize 2019 :

In 2019, he won the 3rd prize of the « RFI Instrumental » competition and earned the “Mastering: finalize a musical production” training course given by the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) last December.

First album Hlib el Ghoula (Shouka / Inouïe Distribution):

Collector of old North African vinyls, it was by sampling a vinyl by the legendary Tunisian artist Cheikh el Afrit in 2014, that Ghoula discovered a passion for sampling traditional music… It was this appetite for creativity that gave birth to the GHOULA project.

Ghoula knows how to marry traditional folk music with the contemporary western electronic sounds. He mixes songs and traditional instruments, vinyl samples and electronic productions which he sometimes enriches with guembri, percussion or machines…

In 2016, he released his first album in France, entitled “Hlib el Ghoula”, (means “Ogress milk”) metaphor for something untraceable. An electro-pop/ traditional nugget where the voices that have shaped the Maghreb meet the Western compositions. With this project, Ghoula was nominated and participated in the Arab Nation Music Awards in Beirut, in the “independent music” category.

This project was supported by the French Institute in Tunis, the Al Mawred Al Thaqafy fund and the SCPP (Société Civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes). Ghoula also produced 10 music videos between France and Tunisia, for each track of the album, including one which was also subsidized by the SCPP.

Synchronizations of the tracks of the Hlib el Ghoula album :

– “Ya Sa7bi”, Insecure series, season 2 episode 8, broadcast on the HBO channel and available on Netflix, United States, 2017

– “Dawri”, Deguecha documentary, Ager Oueslati, Tunisia 2017

– “Ba77it w chkit” and “Allah Allah 3lik”, movie “look at me”, Nejib Belkadhi, Tunisia / France 2019

– “Dawri”, (Un podcast à soi-numéro 20), “Feminist and LGBT struggles in Tunisia”, ARTE Radio, 2019

– “Saadiya”, El Hess short film, Heifel Ben Youssef, Tunisia, 2020

Second Album « DEMI ÉCRÉME » (Half Skimmed) scheduled to be released late 2020:

After a tour with the “Hlib el Ghoula” project in France, Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco between 2016 and 2018, Ghoula took a step back from his artistic approach and decided to start composing his second album « DEMI ÉCRÉME » (Half Skimmed) scheduled to be released late 2020. Like the previous album “Hlib el Ghoula”, the album “Demi Écrémé” is inspired by old music from North African heritage which he transforms thanks to his contemporary electronic compositions which amplify and reinforce his artistic evolution.

Ghoula received a grant in Music Production (recording, mixing and mastering) from Al Mawred Al thaqafy, and is currently resident at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, where he was able to finalize the realization of this project.

DJ set:

With wide ears open to current productions, Ghoula also has a passion for DJing, which allows him to be always on the lookout and attentive to new talents and musical genres. In 2019, he mixed in Paris, London, Brussels and Tunis.

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